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BookFlix provides fun fiction and nonfiction book pairings for kids (3-8) to watch on a computer or other Internet compatible device. Anyone with a Pennsylvania Public Library card has access to the book videos and activities on the BookFlix website. Ask your local library for more information. These particular pairings are fun additions to Daniel Finds a Poem. 

  • Antarctic Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems and Antarctic: A collection of poems starting with a new penguin hatching and progressing through penguin life in the Antarctic. Most of the poems are set to music. Many also include factual information about penguins.
  • Diary of a Spider and A Spiderling Grows Up: While fictional, the humorous diary also contains some information about spiders.
  • Fletcher and the Falling Leaves and How Do You Know It’s Fall?: In Daniel Finds a Poem, Squirrel likes “when crisp leaves crunch.” A squirrel in Fletcher wants the leaves for its nest. Read these two books to see more fall leaves.
  • In the Small, Small Pond and Life in a Pond: The fictional title in this pairing is illustrated using a collage technique similar to Daniel Finds a Poem.
  • Owl Moon and Owls and Other Animals with Amazing Eyes: A little girl and her father go out one evening searching for owls.
  • The Snowy Day and Snowy Weather Days: Another book illustrated using collage, The Snowy Day also portrays the wonder of the world through the eyes of a child.
  • Scaredy Squirrel and Squirrels: Read a fictional and factual book to compare with Squirrel in Daniel Finds a Poem.

30 Way to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Most of the ideas are for adults, however, you as a caregiver can immerse yourself in poetry in order to better teach children about it.

Micha Archer

Information about the author and illustrator of Daniel Finds a Poem.

The Pennsylvania State Park system

Pennsylvania Game Commission

Specifically look at the page for educators. The bottom of the page has a Kids’ Corner with PDFs for Pennsylvania wildlife matching games: match the animal to its habitat or identify the animal based on its feet or eyes.

Fern’s Poetry Nook

Read a poem written by a child. The poem changes every day.


Many thanks to the Fred Rogers Center for providing ideas on apps to use related to Daniel Finds a Poem

Duck Duck Moose, LLC
IPad, iPhone, Android
Try a variety of free apps exploring language, art, and storytelling - Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Draw & Tell.

Endless Wordplay
by Originator
iPhone, iPad, Android
Play with words that rhyme. One of many originator apps exploring letters, sounds, words, and sentences. Check them all out. Free version allows limited play.

Tell About This
by Write About
iPad only
Photo prompts encourage children’s recorded narratives and/or poems. App also allows creation of prompts. Free version allows for limited number of prompts and child profiles.

Toca Nature
by Toca Boca
iPad, iPhone, Android
Explore nature, creativity, and multiple animals.

Very Hungry Caterpillar - Creative Play
by Storytoys
iPad, iPhone, Android
Collage art app with tissue papers and collage technique used in Eric Carle’s books and representative of collage art in Daniel Finds a Poem.

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