About the Author

michaGetting to Know Micha Archer

Micha Archer grew up in a family that traveled far and wide and around the world twice. At home, her mother insisted that her five children go outside! and not watch TV, so Micha spent many hours keeping up with her three older brothers; running, biking, skating, climbing trees and building small worlds for little trucks. They made forts in the front yard, forts in the back yard and snow forts in the winter. When she finally had a little sister, she played school with her and taught her to read at the age of three. Micha’s room had stuffed animals and real animals with cages stacked like a little zoo. She made her own dolls and sewed their clothes. And she drew. She drew and she drew and she drew some more.

The things Micha did as a little girl led her to what she does today. She teaches, travels, hikes, bikes, gardens, paints and even built her own house with her husband. Her travels and love of nature filled her memory with the colors, patterns, textures and architecture that appear in the pages of her books. If there are trees in her books you know she is imagining herself climbing them.

When she had her own children, they made weekly trips to the library and spent hours reading aloud every evening. With no television in the house, her two children filled their time with drawing and creating books of their own at the kitchen table and playing in the woods and gardens around their house. Her children, now grown, have remained creative artists, readers, builders and environmentalists.

daniel coverDaniel Finds A Poem is the first book Micha has both written and illustrated. The idea came to her from a sketch of a little boy on a stage. Daniel’s journey through the park, and through a week, asking his animal friends in the park what poetry is leads him to a poetry reading where he proudly reads the poem he has been gathering all week.

For her illustrations Micha used collage and oil paints. The collage papers are made with homeade stamps, layered tissue paper and by spreading paint thinly across colored papers with a credit card. A video of how she creates her papers is at www.michaarcher.com 

Other books she has recently illustrated are;
Lola’s Fandango (Barefoot Books 2011)
TheWise Fool (Barefoot Books 2012)
Bathtub Around the World (Charlesbridge July 2017)